The street in the Karte Char area is an area of se

This tragic attack reminds us of the many challenges facing the innocent Afghan people, and our surge for firmly planting peace on the soils of Afghanistan will continue - hundreds, thousands, millions of shovels - not guns," said Heidi Kuehn, CEO and founder of Roots of Peace.

The street in the Karte Char area is an area of several guest houses as well as campaign offices for Afghanistan's upcoming presidential election.

The attack shattered the calm of a neighbourhood that is home to both Afghans and foreigners. A guest house is now badly damaged, a day-care centre in shock, and people's sense of security has been dented once again, with only one week to go before a landmark election.

But this extraordinary story of survival also highlights the preparedness and resolve of Afghan security forces, who are being tested, time and time again.

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